An introduction to CC-Link/LT

CC-Link/LT offers high performance and reduced wiring

It is designed for implementation in sensors and actuators and other reduced I/O applications. It
simplifies and minimises wiring for field devices and within control panels. CC-Link/LT uses the
same open technology of CC-Link. It provides openness, high-speed operation and excellent
noise resistance.

Other benefits include

  • Choice of devices from multi-vendors to improve the flexibility of system construction.
  • Slave stations have no need for setting network transmission speed.
  • Excellent noise immunity results.
  • "One-touch" connector enables a fast reliable connection to the communication cable
  • without the need for special tools.
  • A specially-designed flat network cable carries both signal and power wiring, eliminating wiring errors, reducing installation time and wiring costs.
  • CC-Link/LT devices can be treated as "local" I/O.

CC-Link/LT link scan time(at 2.5Mbps)

CC-Link/LT Control Specification

Item 4-point mode 8-point mode 16-point mode
Maximum number of I/O points512
(256 Input &
256 Output)
 (512 Input &
512 Output)
(1024 Input & 1024 Output)

Maximum number of I/O points
per station

8 points
(4 Input & 4 Output)
16 points
(8 Input & 8 Output)
32 points
(16 Input & 16 Output)
Link scan time (ms)

Network with
32 stations

2.5 Mbps0.7 ms0.8 ms1.0 ms
625 kbps2.2 ms2.7 ms3.8 ms
156 kbps8.0 ms10.0 ms14.1 ms
Network with
64 stations
2.5 Mbps1.2 ms1.5 ms2.0 ms
625 kbps4.3 ms5.4 ms7.4 ms
156 kbps15.6 ms20.0 ms27.8 ms

CC-Link/LT wiring specification

Communication Specification

Transmission rate (bps) 2.5 M
625 k
156 k
Maximum Cable Length35M (Trunk) + 15M (Branch)
100M (Trunk) + 50M (Branch)
500M (Trunk) + 200M (Branch)
Communication MethodBITR method (Broadcast polling + Interval Timed Response)
Network TopologyT-Branch
Error Detection MethodCRC
Maximum number of Slave Stations64
Maximum number of modules per branch line8
Distance between stations
Distance between T-Branch Line connections
Limited only to the maximum cable length (no minimum connection limitation)
Master Station physical connection position
Connected at one end of the Trunk line
RAS Functions
Network diagnostics, internal loop-back diagnostics, slave station seperation, automatic return to system
Connection cabel types
Dedicated Flat cable (0.75mm 2 x 4), VCTF cable, Flexible cable