CC-Link in action

CC-Link is used in numerous applications and environments worldwide due to its ease-of-use, speed, determinism, reliability and simplicity.

Applications include: automotive manufacturing, building automation, pulp & paper processing, printing, machine control, water treatment, and many other manufacturing and process control applications. For more application information download the global applications brochure CLPA 1625 and many other “CC-Link in Action” application stories. Automotive Speed of design and installation time was why the Ford Motor Company selected CC-Link for their Mustang production facility in Michigan where it controls the conveyors, paint shop, assembly and welding lines. At Hyundai Kia Motors it was selected “…because of high reliability ... and CC-Link is easier to use and maintain than other networks”.

Machine Control
The open technology aspect of CC-Link allows a wide variety of automation equipment from numerous automation suppliers to be integrated for fast effective control. Running at speeds of up to 10Mbps, CC-Link provides fast deterministic update times that facilitate quick machine response. Applications include high-speed, four-color printing presses at Press Enterprise in Pennsylvania and bottling lines from Krones that integrate PLCs with over 130 drives, and HMIs.

Building Automation
CC-Link brings the benefits of industrial automation to buildings. At Innomech in Europe CC-Link was selected due to its high EMC/noise immunity, ease of configuring, simple cabling and competitive installation cost.