Why choose CC-Link?

Supplier Confidence
All CC-Link networks are “open” and based on core technology developed by the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in Japan, and licensed to the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA). Mitsubishi Electric is the world’s largest supplier of PLCs by unit volume. It is the dominant supplier in Asia and one of the major suppliers in the Americas and Europe.

Availability of Products
The success of an open network is determined by the availability of automation products that support the standard technology. As of March 2009, there were more than 1400 certified CC-Link compatible products available from hundreds of automation equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Interoperability is the ability of a network technology to assure that all devices/components of a system operate together. CC-Link technology is based on the use of an ASIC which handles the complete data link layer and transport layer for reliable communications and assures interoperability between devices. Specifications, freely available to CLPA members, define all required networking parameters and device-level interface profiles to assure interoperability at the application layer.

Seamless Communication
CC-Link industrial networks process both control and production data at high speed, to provide efficient, integrated factory and process automation. This high speed, deterministic communication seamlessly links a wide range of multi-vendor automation devices over a single cable. Conformance Testing Conformance testing through the CLPA ensures that devices meet the performance specifications in order to become CC-Link certified. Device testing also includes electrical noise immunity testing to ensure trouble-free network communication.