CLPA membership levels

CLPA-Europe membership is divided into four categories:


Board Member: This level of membership is by invitation of CLPA headquarters only.

Benefits of membership: All the Executive, Regular and Registered member benefits and also a vote on the strategy and direction of CC-LINK and the CLPA.


Executive member: Annual membership 2000€.

Benefits of membership: The entire Regular, and Registered benefits plus:

  1. Right to sit on technical committees and working groups
  2. Reduced price for conformance testing


Regular member: Annual membership 1000€

Benefits of membership: all the Registered membership benefits plus:

  1. CLPA promotion of their CC-LINK products and services
  2. Inclusion to database of worldwide vendors


Registered member: No annual membership fee

Benefits of membership:

  1. Inclusion on CLPA-Europe mailing database
  2. Access to technical specifications
  3. Membership certificate