CC‑Link opens the gateway

CC‑Link is a de-facto standard in many key Asian industries. Hence when companies from Europe, the US and elsewhere consider moves to Asia, it’s clear that CC‑Link is one of the alternatives they should be considering. Additionally, compared to other technologies available, CC‑Link is regarded as having a relatively simple development cycle, making it easier to get on board.

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Independent market data research from leading market research companies ARC and IMS show that CC‑Link is the leading network in the Asian region, based on the suppliers of different automation networks. It is also expected to grow at a rate faster than its competitors over the next few years.

Asian Flat Panel Display Industry


IndustryCompanyCountry (HQ)Industrial shareCC‑Link share
Flat panel displayCompany S1Korea#127%90%
Company LKorea#225%100%
Company ATaiwan#319%70%
Company CTaiwan#416%85%
Company S2Japan#57%60%
others- 6%80%
OLEDCompany S1 mobile displayKorea#198%100%
others- 2%90%

Asian Automotive & Tyre Industry


IndustryCompanyCountry (HQ)Industrial shareCC‑Link share
AutomotiveCompany TJapan#113%20%
Company H1Korea#57%70%
Company H2Japan#76%60%
Company NJapan#85%70%
others- 69%10%
TyreCompany BJapan#116%80%
Company SKorea#74%50%
Company YJapan#83%60%
Company HKorea#93%85%
Company TJapan#122%60%
others- 72%20%

Source: Mitsubishi Electric data