Excellent Support in Asia

Since CC‑Link is so strong in Asia, it’s natural that it is also widely supported. Between CLPA and our partner Mitsubishi Electric, there are many locations throughout all key industrial and commercial areas. Taking China as an example, there are 23 locations. CC‑Link help is never far away.

Development Support

For companies participating in the G2A program, the CLPA can offer local, native language development assistance free of charge. Hence regardless of whether your development is taking place in Europe or Asia, we can offer you timely convenient support. Kits of development components are also available free of charge. Development solutions being offered by CC‑Link partners such as Hilscher, HMS, Mitsubishi Electric and Renesas for companies who decide implement a product. Weidmüller also provides a Starter Kit for a 10 gigabit field attachable RJ45 connector for the CC‑Link IE-Field infrastructure.

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Marketing Support

Once development is completed, it’s time to take the product to market. Again, the Gateway to Asia program helps you by offering a range of marketing benefits in the Asian market.


  • Free of charge advertising in Asian media. For example, in China this includes major titles such as Control Engineering China, Automation Panorama and Instrument Standardization & Metrology. The titles cover all key industries to deliver your product message to the markets you are trying to reach. Additionally, on-line media such as Kongzhi.net and Gongkong.com, both leading automation and industrial portals, are available. CLPA also publishes advertising inserts in some of these media as a further promotional opportunity.
  • Road-shows. CLPA regularly conducts local seminars in all key markets. G2A participants have the opportunity to promote their products at these events
  • Webinars. CLPA also holds on-line events to capture a wider audience. These are also open to G2A participants 
  • Factory visit opportunities. Key partner Mitsubishi Electric has made some of its CC‑Link based production facilities in Asia available for promotional tours as required.