Leading manufacturers demonstrate how to access Asian markets with CC-LINK IE and CC-LINK

Selling successfully into the Asian market is an important target for many German industrial automation device makers and machine builders; however, a key market requirement is the ability for each component and machine to communicate with local open network standards. The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) is holding two seminars to demonstrate how best to gain entry to those markets by using or developing products that are compatible with CC-Link IE and CC-Link, the preferred open automation networks for Asia.

Two seminars are being planned, both in September 2015: one will be in Stuttgart on Tuesday 22nd September, aimed mainly at Machine Builders, with a second on Friday 25th September in Dusseldorf orientated towards development of CC-Link compatible products.

Entry is free for those delegates who wish to attend and there is a sign-up website with more background information at http://seminar.clpa.eu.

Both seminars will include presentations by major companies in Germany that have used CC-Link compatibility to successfully address the Asian market. Speakers from past events have included industry leading companies such as Balluff, Bihl+Wiedemann, Festo, Mitsubishi Electric und Weidmüller. The CLPA is expecting support from partners such as Balluff, Hilscher, HMS, Mitsubishi Electric, Molex, Renesas, Schaeffler and Weidmüllerfor the upcoming seminars .The format of both events has been designed to allow attendees to network and see solutions first hand, as well as attending a varied series of presentations.

CC-Link IE and CC-Link are acknowledged to be de-facto standards for networking in Asia. Many German companies also have acknowledged the importance of this critical global market and are actively building a presence there. Hence any company who is planning expansion into Asia, or just beginning an investigation needs to attend one of these seminars to understand how the CLPA and its industry leading partners play a key role in their success.

Places for both seminars are limited. Visit http://seminar.clpa.eu to reserve you seat today.

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