October 2010 See us at SPS/IPC Drives in November 2010

At the fair, CLPA will continue developing its Gateway to Asia (G2A) promotion through which it encourages European makers to integrate CC-Link technologies into their products to help them maximise sales in the Asian Markets. This initiative is supported by the CLPA Marketing Task force which is currently identifying ways to help members sell more of their products into Asian and other markets. European project leader John Browett says “This will be the first time we have been able to help our European partners operate in Asia more effectively and we see it as an important first step in expanding our mutual cooperation.”

CLPA will also celebrate the 10th anniversary of its formation to manage and promote CC-Link as an open network. Since year 2000 the membership and range of compatible products have grown strongly, and new technologies have been introduced to reflect trends and changes in the market. In addition to the original CC-Link the Association now supports a safety version, a sensor and I/O level version and the latest CC-Link IE Gigabit Industrial Ethernet versions. The core operation and functionality of CC-Link is retained in these variants to ensure familiarity for users and simplify integration.