Dec 2010: High performance RFID solutions for CC-Link open

Modern production and materials handling applications demand high performance
contact free communications. With over twenty years experience in RFID, leading
sensor specialist Balluff has introduced CC-Link network connectivity to its range of
high performance BIS-M Series devices.

In conjunction with CC-Link, Balluff’s BIS-M Series meets the demand for high speed,
long distance data transfer, as well as:

o 100% data security
o Consistent error prevention
o Secure process control
o Reliable traceability
o Optimized production

The CC-Link fieldbus protocol ensures quick, robust communication between different
stations, allowing the new BIS M-699 processor to be used directly on the network.
Conformity with standards ISO 15693 and ISO14443 as use of the globally approved
frequency of 13.56 MHz means the combination can be used worldwide.

Balluff also offers a complete RFID solution: special data carriers optimised for flush
installation in metal, and operating temperatures up to 200 °C. Read/write distances
up to 150mm open up fields of application in virtually all sectors within the industry.

o Flexible use due to a wide range of different combinations of data carriers and
o Up to two antennas per processor
o Tested quality with CC-Link certificate
o Save time: connector-based cabling, robust housing that is easy to install,
preassembled function modules and diagnostics function that enable easy

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