CC-Link Test Rig Now Available

CC-Link Test Rig Now Available

A new CLPA-Europe CC-Link test rig has been developed for customers lacking experience with PLC programming and CC-Link networks, which automatically runs all pre-tests required. The test rig is extremely simple to use and contains an HMI and a PLC that are reprogrammed to test connected devices.

Controlling of the test rig uses simple to follow steps. Since the test rig is a standalone application, no external programming devices are needed for configuring the network parameters. To suit some applications, the PLC’s I/O parameters may have to be setup beforehand by CLPA-Europe, but from a users perspective it needs no external configuration.

Designed to test slave devices, the test rig can be used for testing a single connected CC-Link device. CC-Link slave device types supported by the test rig are Remote I/O-Stations, Remote device stations and intelligent device stations. By following simple commands the user can set up the rig to test their appropriate connected device. It is operated via the touch-screen HMI, with the user following the on-screen guidance.

Settings performed include:
• Setting of the station device type
• Extended cyclic settings
• Set occupied stations
• Set station number
• Change station number
• Parameter confirmation

Tests undertaken include:
• Hardware test errors
• Time-out errors
• CRC errors
• Line errors
• Invalid XCDs detected
• Buffer overflow errors

After the pre-tests have been completed it is also possible to save test data onto a compact flash card that can be inserted into the HMI to aid in product test documentation.

Using this self contained test rig will allow manufacturers to save time as they do not have to learn about the actual end user operation of CC-Link. Using this test rig will ensure that certification testing of their connected devices completes all of the requires stages. For rental prices please contact CLPA-Europe by email at


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