CC-Link Celebrates 10th Anniversary in China

The power of CC-Link to open business opportunities in China was underlined at the event held recently to mark its tenth
birthday in the country. Over 150 leading industrialists met in Shanghai to celebrate their successes in using CC-Link
throughout China's burgeoning manufacturing sector.

CLPA-China, the CC-Link Partners Association's branch in China, organised the anniversary event near its headquarters
in Shanghai. With all the Chinese branch offices participating, the gathering brought together guests from all over China
and around the world.

An afternoon seminar hosted presentations from large CC-Link users such as Ford/Mazda and LG, as well as key
partners such as Mitsubishi and Balluff, plus large Chinese OEMs. The event was completed with a boat cruise
reception, giving all participants a tremendous view of the spectacular Shanghai skyline.

CC-Link originated in Japan over a decade ago and quickly became the de-facto standard for open networking
throughout Asia. It has since spread to the Americas and Europe.

The 10th Anniversary event also helped highlight the CLPA's Gateway to China (G2C) programme. This is being kicked
off in Europe in Autumn 2011 and is intended to promote the fact that European companies will enhance their chances of
success if they are fully conversant with CC-Link, rather than struggling to introduce an alien protocol. This is particularly
true in certain industries such as automotive and flat panel displays, where CC-Link has become a de-facto standard.
The G2C programme divides into two types of benefits; development and marketing. The programme aims to help
European device makers get CC-Link products developed, and then to assist them with promotion in the Chinese
market. A wide range of marketing benefits will be offered free of charge to companies who join the CLPA during the
campaign period.

John Browett, Acting General Manager of CLPA Europe observes: "Everyone knows that China is probably the hottest
market for automation right now. What is less well known is that CC-Link is a key enabling technology for success in that
market. We want all European device makers to know they can increase their Chinese business by building in CC-Link.
The G2C programme will promote this opportunity and back it up with tangible benefits."

About the CLPA

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) is an international organisation with over 1,500 member companies worldwide.
The partners’ common objective is promotion and technical development of the family of CC-Link open network
technologies. Over 1,100 certified products are now available from over 240 manufacturers. CC-Link is the leading
industrial fieldbus in Asia and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and the Americas. The European headquarters
is in Germany, with offices throughout the continent.

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